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About Us

"LEwA Creative was formed by Lee Tripi and Kelly Fast to provide creative ideas to create a feeling in a space which is calm and meditative and provides a unique experience and pleasurable feeling. We want our customers to live everyday with awareness. "


Lee Tripi

Lee started his career as an apprentice at the design firm, Hunker and Associates in Cleveland. While in college at the University of Akron, he was trained in the trades from carpentry to tile and cabinet installation, to furniture design, space planning and hand drawing.

From that foundation, he moved to North Carolina in 1989 and established his studio, TRIG Modern, featuring kitchen and bath, furniture, lighting and original art. He continued his training in Italy with cabinet maker, Scavolini and worked with Berloni, and in the U.S. with Wood-Mode over his thirty year plus career, specializing in a classic modern aesthetic. With completed projects from the U.S. to The Midlands of Ireland and points in between, his creative expertise pays homage to balance, harmony among elements, and truth in materials- all used to infuse spaces with purpose, tranquility and a Zen like sensibility. Additionally, Lee has designed outdoor spaces, and structures such as sunroom/tea room additions, pergola and lanai and Japanese gardens. Having developed a fresh approach to southern style called, Carolina Modern, Lee transforms how we see our spaces, and shows us how to create a way of living that is simple, intentional and meditative.

His business has proliferated through long standing relationships and word-of-mouth lead referrals from those satisfied clients. Lee often says, “Be an advocate for your client, and your business will grow”. Lee has always believed strongly in collaboration and learning and sharing knowledge with industry colleagues and emerging talent.

Kelly Fast

Kelly grew up in the Northeast in a home devoted to modern simplicity where she developed an early appreciation for simple, clean, pure, uncluttered, and purposeful spaces. Kelly studied engineering and business, and spent the early part of her career working for corporations in various business management, project management, and business process improvement roles. She managed project schedules, budgets, customer satisfaction – all with a masterful attention to detail.

During further studies at Duke University, Kelly developed an interest in aging from a biopsychosocial perspective and believes that one’s space can also influence wellbeing. As our life expectancy from birth continues to increase in the US, we are spending more time in relationship with our spaces and are seeing an increased interest in aging in place. Good design can incorporate these elements.

Kelly has worked with Lee for many years on both sides of the creative process and is excited to bring these skills, along with a passion for organization and decluttering, to LEwA Creative clients.


Donna Belt

Living in a condo with commercial construction, my husband and I hired Lee Tripi for his ability to meet the challenge of designing a contemporary styled master bath, while negotiating the limitations of working with a concrete slab floor and drains that couldn't be moved. His design far surpassed anything we could have imagined, creating a unique, clean-lined look that gives us the sense of living with an Asian spa steps from our bed. how much is viagra to buy  Lee is an artist, whether he's working with paint on canvas, or landscaping and building materials. He is a true designer, transforming spaces in ways that are completely unparalleled, yet - guided by his Zen leanings - feel absolutely natural and meant-to-be. http://kathrynxruss.com/malala_russ/  We were so pleased with Lee's concepts for a glass-less, walk-in shower with infinity drain and suspended cabinets with wall mounted faucets and (modified) pedestal sinks, that he has now created a tiled fireplace for us, with a mantel created from an old barn beam.    As an artist myself, I appreciate excellent design. I also value a designer who is able to listen closely to my preferences, yet envision a space that is far beyond anything I could have conceived. When friends and family comment that our new bathroom and fireplace are so ME, it makes me chuckle, because Lee makes me look better than I've ever looked before!    

Julie Tetrault

Lee Tripi successfully brought all of my visions to life. We lost our home to a tragic fire in February 2010. Once I reached out to Lee about our situation, he stayed engaged with the project every step of the way. Words cannot express how Lee helped in every aspect. We worked in parallel with a high level of professionalism and also became friends through the process. Lee truly materialized every room in our home exactly the way I visioned them! His talent exceeded expectations in all aspects. I can honestly say that I live in my 'Dream House,' thanks to Lee Tripi!

Nancy McFarlane

Mayor, City of Raleigh

I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Lee while working together on the Raleigh Arts Commission. I became well aware of his talent and creativity as a designer and as an artist. When I purchased a high-rise condominium in downtown Raleigh, I knew exactly whom I could trust to address all the facets of design and construction that has made it a modern oasis that I love. Whether we are entertaining guests or simply looking for a retreat for a few hours, Lee has turned a blank slate into a place that inspires and recharges us. When you enjoy being in a beautiful space, you get a feeling that it is both a physical and emotional experience- a sense of your whole self. In addition to his design contributions, I have no less than four of Lee’s paintings hanging in my home. I love the inspiration that I draw from them every day. It speaks to his variety of talents. Lee was appointed to Raleigh’s Appearance Commission because of his knowledge of design and architecture. But perhaps more so for his passion for this city that has become a hub for the arts.

Sinead Rynn

ZENZA, Longford, Ireland

The stunning effect was created by the renowned American designer, Lee Tripi. His style is characterized as having a Zen simplicity, creating spaces that are sophisticated, yet restrained and never intimidating or pretentious. We at Zenza believe he achieved this vision and more, at this, our first store.

Mark Jensen

We worked with LEwA Creative on several projects, most recently our old dilapidated deck and overgrown landscaping in our front and back yard.  The end product far exceeded our expectations in so many ways. It has become a space that we can use rain or shine. It has created another room to our house that we use for relaxing and meditating, eating, and entertaining guests. It has changed the look of our 80's home to a much more modern home. We get many of our neighbors stopping by and complimenting us on our home renovations.  This is the fourth project that we have worked with Lee on and have been very happy with his work and the changes to our home, both the aesthetics and new Zen-like feel.  Thank You!